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The Indonesian Cancer Foundation was founded in Jakarta on 17 April 1977. It was established based on the dedication and concern of its founders, namely former Indonesian Vice President Dr. Mohamad Hatta, former Minister of Health Dr. G.A.Siwabessy, and fifteen other prominent individuals.

After going through the initial hard times, ICF now have 26 chapters and 178 branches in different provinces and sub-provinces.

The ICF is a non-governmental organization with the purpose to support the Government of Indonesia in its efforts to fight cancer, by taking promotional, preventive, as well as rehabilitative measures and supportive activities. These aims are based on concerns about the increase of cancer incidence and the high mortality rate as a result of advanced stages of the disease.

Indonesian Cancer Foundation - Yayasan Kanker Indonesia
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Jalan DR. Sam Ratulangi 35 Jakarta 10350
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