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Indonesian Cancer Foundation is the largest NGO focussing on cancer control.

No other organization works harder to control cancer through research, services to patients and public education.

ICF spends two billion rupiahs annually to find ways to prevent, detect and help people who get cancer to survive and to live a normal life.

Donation from the community, no matter how small, had enabled the Indonesian Cancer Foundation to grow to become a strong Foundation. Volunteers had dedicated their time and efforts to serve as Board members throughout the country. A number of them had been with the Foundation for more than 20 years which is the most valuable asset of the Indonesian Cancer Foundation.

ICF volunteers are our driving force. Without their time, energy and skills, we could not provide our many services.

Although ICF raises funds, as well as how those funds are used, the generosity of donors who are concerned about cancer are most welcome to sustain ICF programs with a vision of an optimistic future, in which a death caused by cancer will become a rare event.

So please.............. join our effort.

Indonesian Cancer Foundation - Yayasan Kanker Indonesia
Pengurus Pusat
Jalan DR. Sam Ratulangi 35 Jakarta 10350
Phone : (021) 3152606, 3152603, 3920568 - Fax : (021) 3108170
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